Vintage Pot Parlor

Transport yourself into the past as you step inside the Vintage Pot Parlor, a sitting room inspired by the late 1800’s/early 1900’s. This charming room is filled with old-fashion furniture and interesting relics that represents the history of the original Creswell Mansion. Along with a hand-selected collection of antiques, this room also contains several hidden surprises just waiting to be uncovered. 

A Haunted Past

Rumor has it that the Marijuana Mansion is actually haunted. There are many stories regarding the supernatural nature of the property and it is said that ghosts still live in the house and can occasionally be caught looking out of the windows.

The building exterior is home to several mythical carvings, a nod to the mansion’s supposedly paranormal nature, including an eagle and guardian lions on the top of the mansion, a pair of winged dragons (possibly wyverns, drakes or griffins) carved under the front second story windows, and a mysterious face carved on the front of the mansion between the first floor windows. Urban legends speculate this might be a carving of the devil himself!

Historian Kevin Pharris featured the mansion in his book, The Haunted Heart of Denver published in 2011, and the house is regularly included as a point of interest in Denver’s ghost tours.

Strange sightings of a shadowy figure standing in the windows of this room have been reported by people looking up at the Mansion from the street.


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