Moroccan Lounge

Concealed behind beaded curtains on the third floor you’ll discover a mesmerizing hideaway inspired by hashish. Enter the Moroccan Lounge and you’ll instantly be whisked away to a dreamy desert smoking den. This zen-like room is designed to be a lush and exotic sanctuary, featuring walls draped in colorful fabrics, a myriad of intricate textures, and romantic flickering lanterns.

History of Hashish

Morocco and hashish have a very long history which is the basis for the inspiration behind this room. Hashish, or “hash”, and cannabis are closely related. Hash is extracted from the most potent part of cannabis, the dried resin, also known as “kief”. Hash has very similar active ingredients as cannabis but in a more concentrated THC form. Hash, originating in the Middle East, became a term known in the 1000 to 1200 AD as a word translated to “assassin”. Rolling into the 1800’s, Europe became aware of this rising drug from stories originating in Egypt. During this time period, doctors across Europe started to learn the positive qualities hash had. Implementing them into their studies, they were able to use hash in treatments for disease and continued to study this new drug throughout the century. Over the 1900’s, hash became a more well known word and pivoted from the medical field into recreational use. Here in the 21st century you can see different forms of hash in wax, rosin, and cannabis oils.

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