Ganja Garden

Wander into the Ganja Garden and you’ll find a lush room with marijuana leaf lined walls and lots of dope photo ops. Considered to be the centerpiece of Marijuana Mansion, this room has several glowing neon quotes floating amidst the cannabis leaves, as well as a giant regal throne, and a weed-entwined wooden rope swing.

Cannabis Cultivation

The growing of cannabis all stems from one seed. This seed is then grown into a male or female plant. Male plants contain the pollination needed for a female to produce seeds. Usually taking about 10-32 weeks to fully grow, every part of a marijuana plant can be used in an individual’s life. You can obtain fiber from harvesting the cannabis stalks. Seeds also can be harvested from the female plants for its rich oils and protein content. By harvesting certain cannabinoids, you can get a high by smoking and ingesting it. Once grown and harvested you can choose to enjoy all the wonders marijuana plants have to offer!

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