Enchanted Weed Forest

Leave reality behind as you step into the Enchanted Weed Forest…Created by female artist, Shannon Barber, this immersive art installation transports you into the middle an entrancing fluorescent forest in the middle of the night.Listen to the sound of spellbinding woodland creatures in the distance as you take in the sight of glowing neon trees, magical mushrooms, and twinkling stars up above.

Marijuana and Creativity

Creativity is the use of one’s imagination and original ideas in association to the frontal lobe of the human brain. When smoking cannabis it increases cerebral blood flow to this area making it more active when performing creative tasks.Not only does smoking weed increase creativity it also stimulates the “creative divergent thinking” located in the frontal lobe. This thinking is used when brainstorming, free writing, and creative thinking. Adding cerebral blood flow can improve possible solutions to problems and open your mind in different directions.

About the Artist: Shannon Barber

Shannon Barber has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from SUNY Purchase with a concentration in Printmaking. A transplant from NYC, Shannon was part of the Ralph Lauren Creative Presentation Team with a focus on window and Interior displays for the upper east side flagship stores in Manhattan, NY.

She now calls downtown Denver home and has taken her creative skills into the cannabis industry, giving almost every room in the mansion her special touch. One of Shannon’s favorite moments was making the bong chandelier for the LED room and creating the immersive experience in the forest room.

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