We are excited to share that Marijuana Mansion Denver has been featured in an article published by Yellow Scene Magazine. They wrote an inspiring piece summarizing the hard work that was put into the “Icon, Destination, Cultural Hub.”

This article discusses the creative work behind each of the curated rooms which make up this historic event space.

“It isn’t just necessarily a place to cop a buzz and take some Instagram pics. It’s more than a cute hang out for your progressive work party. More than a cannabis-themed art gallery.  The Marijuana Mansion is at the cutting edge of cannabis business in Colorado. It is one of about a dozen groundbreakers in the Front Range that allow legal on-premise smoking.  While many of those businesses are leaning more towards the typical Amsterdam coffee houses and cafés, some are leaning to create sensible community spaces.

Standing out as truly unique in the Denver cannabis scene, the beautifully curated visual, tactile, and psychotropic experience purposes to give back to the community of cannabis users who worked hard to bring us where we are today, by continuing to destigmatize the use of marijuana, and bring us open spaces where we can talk about the future, and toke up while we do it.”

Head over to Yellow Scene Magazine to read the entire article and learn more about the creativity that makes up the renovated Marijuana Mansion.

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