We are excited to share that Marijuana Mansion Denver has been featured in an article published by Sweet Jane titled, Denver’s Marijuana Mansion celebrates the past while pushing toward a cannabis-friendly future.

This article discusses the recent renovation of the Marijuana Mansion Denver into an immersive experience and private events venue, as well as the future of cannabis-friendly venues in Denver

“Walk into the recently restored Marijuana Mansion on Grant Street in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Denver, and it’s easy to feel like you’ve entered the Victorian era – a time when the Mile High City was home to just over 100,000 people and the main mode of transportation was horse and buggy. The walls and archways of the sandstone abode are complete with wood carvings; the vintage chandeliers and stained-glass windows light up the dark wood floors; and a rotary dial telephone is mounted to the wall in the hallway.

marijuana mansion denver

Courtesy of Jacqueline Collins

Climb the staircase to the second floor, and the atmosphere changes slightly. Walls are covered with colorful flowers, mushrooms, and cannabis leaves; bright neon signs read “High Society” and “Marijuana Mansion;” and lights made out of bubblers hang from the ceiling.

“Every room has something to do with cannabis,” says Lisa Leder, the owner of the Marijuana Mansion, who opened the cannabis-friendly private event space at the start of 2020. Akin to a Meow Wolf or a selfie museum, the space offers an immersive art experience into the cannabis plant’s past, present, and future. Leder designed several of the house’s 11 rooms and also collaborated with female artists such as Ellie Paisley, Ally Grimm, and Shannon Barber. From the Green Room, which pays homage to the 60’s counter culture movement, to the Moroccan Room, which is inspired by the history of hash in Morocco, each space has a unique feel to it…

Head over to Sweet Jane to read the entire article and learn more about Marijuana Mansion cannabis experience.

The Mansion is open for Denver tours, private photoshoots and private events. Click here to reserve tickets.