We are excited to share that Marijuana Mansion Denver tours has been featured in an article published by 303 Magazine titled, Denver’s Marijuana Mansion Opens its Doors for a Trippy, Cannabis-Friendly Experience.

This article features the Marijuana Mansion Denver tours journey to what it is today. This article highlights quotes from the founder, Lisa Leader, describes a couple rooms and the cannabis experience in the mansion.

“‘Every room has a reason and a meaning as to why it’s here,’ said Leder. ‘Plus it’s cool.’

The surprises keep coming. Every room is intricately designed, peppered with vintage items and odd findings Leder scouted for in multiple vintage shops in Denver. It would take several visits to the mansion to fully appreciate every detail…”

marijuana mansion mary jane in wonderland

303 Magazine, Maria Garcia

“ The idea was that tourists seeking cannabis-themed activities would finish their tour at the mansion. There they could enjoy the tour and smoke in the private space the tour company leased. The response was overwhelmingly positive. ‘People were blown away’, said Leder. ‘Because I just did it as a labor of love hoping people would like it but when people came they thought it was awesome.’

Since then, tourists have learned about the Marijuana Mansion from word of mouth and posts on social media. Guests can tour the mansion for $35 and book the entire space for a 2-hour photoshoot for $500…”

marijuana mansion pot tub room

303 magazine, Brandon Johnson

“…Locals can listen to live music, enjoy comedy nights, practice yoga and be a part of any private community event where social consumption follows the guidelines. After its grand re-opening, Leder hopes that more locals will discover the mansion and love it as much as tourists have. ‘As a local, I’m always looking for something to do. So I feel like locals will really appreciate it,’ said Leder.

It’s only fitting that, after pioneering the legalization of Marijuana, Colorado would have its own Marijuana Mansion, where locals can enjoy an immersive experience that combines art, ghosts, music and, of course, cannabis.”

Click over to 303 Magazine to read the entire article and learn more about Marijuana Mansion cannabis experience.

The Mansion is open for Denver tours, private photoshoots and private events. Click here to reserve tickets.