Marijuana Mansion is excited to share that it’s private events space has been featured in an article published by Matador Network titled, Denver’s Marijuana Mansion is the Most Glamorous Cannabis Experience You Can Have.

This article features the Marijuana Mansion unique design and history while discussing the different wonders the mansion has to offer.

“The building would earn a spot on the National Register of Historic Cannabis Properties as well if there were such a thing. It was the headquarters of the Marijuana Policy Project, which started in Denver and moved to Washington DC. It’s also where Amendment 64 was written, which, when passed, legalized recreational cannabis for the first time in the US in 2012…

marijuana mansion ganja garden

“Aside from the history, there’s the Instagrammable rooms, cannabis history, and art aspects to experience. Lisa Leder purchased the house in 2019 and gave each of the 11 rooms a distinct cannabis theme with an all-women team of artists and creators…

“..That’s one reason why the presence of the Marijuana Mansion is so notable: it seems to exacerbate the tension between marijuana’s increasing popularity and the efforts to make it more accessible.”

Marijuana Mansion Retro Green Room

“‘There was a bit of a shift late last year, and January and February this year, where we slowly started to reopen,’ April Emma, Marijuana Mansion’s event director, says. ‘We started doing tours with smaller groups. Then we started doing photoshoots as well, and then as things progressed we slowly started ramping things up.’

Recently, Emma says, the mansion has been a popular place for cannabis companies to throw parties for their employees. The building is open to reserve for dinners, events, and any other type of private party for up to 100 guests — and they can consume on-site since the events are private.”

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Come visit us! The Mansion is open for tours, private photoshoots and private events. Click here to reserve tickets.