Marijuana Mansion has been highlighted in an article published by The Aspen Times titled, High Country: Step inside the Marijuana Mansion, Denver’s selfie sanctuary for stoners.

This article features the Marijuana Mansion journey to becoming a cannabis-freindly private event space and the creative thinking behind every room and design of the mansion.

“During the two- or three-hour sessions ($500 and $750 respectively), visitors (up to 10 guests per booking) have the run of the house and are also able to consume cannabis throughout three floors and 11 themed rooms. Private parties are a tried-and-true loophole in the state’s complex consumption laws. Think: industry dinners, yoga classes and comedy nights, all of which the Marijuana Mansion will host as the pandemic comes to a close…”

Marijuana Mansion Denver Colorado

Founder of the Marijuana Mansion, Lisa Leader, discusses with Katie Shapiro her vision of this private event space and the decision to have all girl artist that were able to transform this building into a trippy and time altering space. Leader than shares the haunting stories of the Marijuana Mansion’s own ghost.

“The Marijuana Mansion has been a stop on the Dark Side of Denver Ghost Tours. There are many stories about its supernatural nature and that ghosts still live inside. Creepy green faces can occasionally be caught looking out of the windows. People who have worked in the building have experienced an eerie sense of being watched or followed by mysterious forces. And during the project we experienced the ghost first-hand…strange steps on the grand staircase and banging emanating from a locked closet.”


The Denver Post, Aaron Ontiveroz

“…The walls of the Weed Room — the centerpiece of the mansion — are lined with cannabis leaves, and there’s a throne and a swing that are perfect for photos. The music in the room, designed by Ellie Paisley, changes with events–with a popular option being “Blueberry Yum Yum” by Ludacris.

Mary Jane in a Marijuana Wonderland, also designed by Paisley, is a twist on “Alice in Wonderland Through the Looking Glass” and depicts Mary Jane’s journey to the Marijuana Mansion. The music in this room also changes, with a popular option being “Ramble On” by Led Zeppelin….”

Head over to The Aspen Times to read the entire article and learn more about Marijuana Mansion’s private event space, journey and future improvements in cannabis consumption.

Marijuana Mansion is open for tours, private photoshoots and private events. Click here to reserve a time and purchase tickets.